Stainless Steel Sports Bottle

Both single wall and double wall available;
For cold drinks only;
Vacuum insulated body for keeping cold 24 hours;

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The hot-selling Contigo autospout sports bottle has a handle on the lid that is easy to carry and use for the user. In addition, the leak-proof effect of this bottle is very good, because we have fully considered the sealing and the customer's point of view when designing the water bottle. This bottle also comes with a high quality straw. The design of the straw is more convenient for people who love sports and travel, and can prevent it from getting into the water. In addition, this sports bottle is available in single and double wall versions depending on the individual needs of the customer.


Type: single wall and double wall

Scope of application: only for cold drinks

Insulation effect: vacuum insulation for 24 hours insulation

Straw: Autospout silicone straw with cover to avoid dust

Capacity: SW is 550ml, DW is 350ml

Port: FOB China (Shanghai or Ningbo)

ISO: 9001 factory quality management system

Yield: fast delivery and large daily production

Material: Stainless steel


1. Good insulation effect. The bottle is well sealed and made from high quality food grade solid materials. After our tests, this sports water bottle can be kept temperature for 24 hours.

2. Diverse colors and complete specifications. The color of this bottle is very large, and we try our best to meet the needs of different customers in the color matching of the bottle surface. Brilliant colors can bring you a good mood for the day. This bottle is available in single and double wall versions.

3. Specialized design. This water bottle is a cold water bottle designed for sporty users. Therefore, it is designed to be as portable and simple as possible, and can only be used for cold drinks.

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