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The insulation cup has the function
- Mar 28, 2018 -

The appearance is bright and clean without peculiar smell, after injecting the boiling water, the cup that has no heat feeling is able to be called good cups. and the internal and external are stainless steel, with advanced vacuum technology refining, elegant shape, seamless, good sealing performance, with good insulation performance. Can put ice cubes, also can be exothermic drink.

At the same time, functional innovation and detail design, but also make the new Cup more connotation and practicality. Various functions, "a cup of multiple use" has become the fashion of the new Thermos Cup practice. Almost every mug has its own distinctive characteristics, some double cover design, when driving as long as the middle of the red key, the water will automatically flow out, and will not splash wet in the car, and some in the middle of the insulation cup design has tea, can be tea and tea fast filtration, very suitable for office of small white-collar use; and a double cup design.