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The purchasing skill of vacuum cup
- Mar 28, 2018 -

First, the use of magnets, methods: Take two cup-a suction magnet, the other does not suck the magnet, two insulation cups enough to fit about 80 degrees of water, cover the lid tightly. After three hours, the temperature of the insulation cup of the magnet is changed to 40 degrees, but the thermos of the magnet is more than 70 degrees.From such an experiment, we can see that the effect of the vacuum flask is not strong.

Second, the use of boiling water: filled with boiling water, clockwise tightening cork or cup cover, after about 2-3 minutes, to touch the cup body appearance and the lower part, if found to have a warm feeling, it is not good for the insulation performance of the word insulation cup. The sealing of the insulation cup can be tested.Fill a cup of water, tighten the lid of the cup, inverted for a few minutes, can also be forcibly dumped a few, if there is no leakage phenomenon, it is proved that the sealing performance is good.