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About The R&D Department
- Aug 10, 2018 -

The Research & Development Department is a central corporate function within the Yongheng. The Department, in collaboration with the University  of Tsinghua, supports the development of high quality R&D within the Tsinghua Researching Program.


Reporting to the Researching Director, the Department comprises an R&D Director who works alongside an Associate Director. The Senior R&D Manager has a joint appointment with the University of Tsinghua and is supported by the R&D Team.


The R&D Department takes an organization-level lead in ensuring that research is conducted and managed to high scientific, ethical and financial standards, prepares all submissions to the Yongheng to secure and account for R&D Support Funding and contributes to developing an active research organization.


In order to meet these responsibilities, the Department works closely with the China Household Products Committee (CHPC). Each department in the Yongheng is aligned to a CHPC that acts as an autonomous business unit. The R&D Department supports CHPC by finding the balance between ensuring that the legal and ethical requirements of researchers are met within the Yongheng while allowing CHPC to develop their research activity.

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