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At The Bottom Of The Plastic Bottle There Are 7 Kinds Of Numbers
- Mar 28, 2018 -

At the bottom of the plastic bottle there are 7 kinds of numbers, which is suitable for long-term use as a water cup?

Digital 1:pet materials, heat-resistant temperature is low, mineral water bottles generally use this material, can not be reused, so the GB stipulates that bottled water can not use pet materials;

Number 2, 4: High and low pressure polyethylene, more safe, but heat-resistant temperature is low, can not install hot water;

Number 3: PVC, Hundred percent contains plasticizing agent, that is, plasticizer, strongly do not recommend use, remember childhood many cups is this material, hot water when the taste is very difficult to smell;

Digital 5:pp, that is, polypropylene, recommended use, a lot of lunch boxes, baby bottles Use this material, temperature 120 ℃ around;

Digital 6:ps, polystyrene, a very brittle material, easy to crack, solvent-resistant performance is also poor, high-temperature decomposition of benzene-like substances, not recommended; 

Number 7: Generally refers to the PC material, that is, polycarbonate, the current international and domestic publicity easy to precipitate bisphenol A, but this material transparency is very good, toughness excellent, high and low temperature excellent, personally think infant bottle type is not suitable to use, but the adult water cups and other products, the use of the national standard also did not make the relevant restrictions.