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Characteristics And Classification Of Vacuum Flask
- Mar 28, 2018 -

   In fact, the vacuum insulation cup, the length of time depends on the cup body structure and the thickness of the cup material. Generally, the thinner the cup material, the longer the holding time. But the cup body is easily damaged and deformed, affecting the service life, the vacuum cup inner liner metal film and copper plating measures can also increase the degree of insulation; large capacity, small-caliber vacuum cup holding time longer, the opposite small capacity, large diameter vacuum insulation cup heat preservation time is shorter; 

   The life of the vacuum Cup also depends on the cleaning of the inner layer of the cup and the time of vacuum, the most important is the structure of the vacuum furnace. Now the society uses the vacuum vacuum insulation cup equipment has the vacuum exhaust station and the vacuum brazing furnace, approximately has two kinds of four kinds. One kind is the tail vacuum exhaust desk, another kind of brazing furnace type. Brazing furnace type is divided into: single room, multi-room, increase the speed of many rooms.