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How To Choose A Thermos Cup?
- Mar 28, 2018 -

One: Buy the Thermos Cup must go to the regular shopping malls, at least from the supply of protection, not to petty and make their health harm;

Second: Buy brand products, the general brand mug has a manual, in the manual will be all kinds of materials and parameters marked out, according to these data to choose the insulation cup;

Third: To observe the internal and external quality of the insulation cup, good insulation Cup general liner and outer surface smooth, no scratches and bump, while observing the cup mouth is not smooth, there is no weld; 

Four: The insulation performance of the test mug, in general, the Thermos will be divided into inner and outer bile, inside and outside the tank is a vacuum, so that can fully guarantee the insulation performance of the mug, some of the bad Cup and did not carry out the vacuum treatment, so how simple to distinguish it? Very simple, in the cup to inject hot water, tighten the cup lid, static for a few minutes, and then touch the outer surface and the bottom of the cup, if there is a very obvious burning sense of the cup is relatively poor insulation, if there is no obvious feeling, it represents the basic good insulation performance.

Generally speaking, the normal insulation time of the Thermos is more than 6 hours;