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Identification Method Of Insulation Cup
- Mar 28, 2018 -

The quality of the cup on the market is mixed, ordinary consumers how to identify it? Industry suggestions should focus on the inner bile structure of the insulation performance, cup cap and bottle body sealing degree, material release harmful substances, etc., can be identified through four strokes.

Recruit A

Insulation identification of internal bile duct This is the main technical index of the Cup, after filling with boiling water, clockwise tighten the cork or cup lid, after 2-3 minutes with hand touch cup body appearance and the lower part, if found Cup body and cup body has obvious warm phenomenon, it shows that the liner has lost the vacuum degree, can not achieve good insulation effect.

Recruit Two

Differential sealing performance Fill a glass of water inverted four, five minutes, the cover to tighten, the cup flat on the table, or forcibly dumped a few, such as no leakage phenomenon, the sealing performance is good, but also to see if the cup lid and cup mouth of the rotation is flexible, whether there is a gap.