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The Reason Of Insulation Of Thermos Cup The General
- Mar 28, 2018 -

Cup has the characteristics of breaking, leakage, impact and so on, and the life of the insulation Cup is 3-5 years. But the insulation Cup to 35 years of heat preservation time, the prerequisite is must know how to maintain the insulation cup, otherwise the good insulation cup can not withstand such a build.In addition to the impact will make the thermos insulation, there are the following reasons may also cause your mug suddenly not warm.

One, may be the seal is not good, to see whether the bottle caps or other places is not a gap, if the cup cover is not covered tightly, will cause your Thermos cup of water will soon not warm. 

Second, the cup is leaking. may be the material of the cup itself has problems, some of the insulation cup process defects, the liner may appear pinhole size hole, so that two layers of glass wall between the acceleration of heat transfer, the heat quickly dissipated. 

Third, the insulation cup sandwich is filled with sand. This is some businesses in order to shoddy manufacturing insulation, such as the Thermos Cup bought when it is still very warm, but the time is long, may be sand and the inner bile reflect, resulting in the insulation cup rust, heat preservation effect is very poor.