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The Use Of Insulation Cup
- Mar 28, 2018 -

1, the new product before use, must use boiling water (or add some food detergent hot wash several times, for High-temperature disinfection.)

The function and beauty of the mug

The function and beauty of the mug

2, before use, please use boiling water (or cold) preheat (or cold) 5-10 minutes, so as to make the insulation effect better.

3, the volume of water please be too full, so as not to tighten the lid of the cup, boiling water overflow scald.

4, please drink slowly when hot drinks, lest scald.

5, should not hold the milk for a long time, the product of the valve and juice and other carbonated beverages.

6, after drinking, please tighten the lid of the cup, to ensure cleanliness.

7, clean the occasion with soft cloth and diluted by lukewarm water detergent detergent. Do not use alkaline bleach metal melons cloth, chemical cloth, etc.