Double Wall Stainless Steel Thermo Bottle

Double Wall Stainless Steel Thermo Bottle

350ml, 500ml, 750ml and 1000ml capacities
Insulated wine bottle
Keep cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours

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Product Details

Product Details

This thermos is available in a variety of capacities, with 350ml, 500ml, 750ml and 1000ml capacities to suit your needs. This uniquely shaped bottle has a strong sense of lines and an extraordinary sense of style, so it can fully reflect your taste. We chose red in the color scheme of the bottle. This red color is very attractive and will give you a feeling of joy and fully reflect your fashion sense. This bottle can be used to hold liquids such as cola or wine. Its vacuum insulation makes it well maintain the temperature and flavor of the liquid. In addition, this bottle has a super leak-proof and temperature-resistant function. It is used in a variety of occasions and is suitable for sports, travel and everyday use.


1. The bottle has a small bottle mouth, so it is convenient to use the funnel for easy filling. In addition, the smaller bottle mouth is also convenient for the user to drink, and does not allow the liquid in the bottle to easily overflow.

2. Good surface treatment. The surface of this bottle is very smooth, because we use a good polishing and painting process, so its surface is very beautiful and feel good.

3. Excellent insulation effect. This bottle is made of stainless steel and has a very good seal, so its insulation is super good. The hot liquid can be kept in the bottle for 12 hours, and the cold liquid can be kept at the temperature for 24 hours. A bottle with good insulation can better guarantee the flavor of the liquid to be drunk.

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