Double Wall Stainless Steel Vacuum Bottle

latest shapes(swell shaped body, red wine shaped body, beer shaped body)
vacuum insulated for keeping hot and cold

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Product Details

Product Details

This kettle is a food grade stainless steel kettle that does not contain BPA, a harmful substance. In the design of the double wall stainless steel vacuum bottle, customers can choose a variety of body shapes, such as the shape of wine bottles and beer bottles, making their shape design more attractive. In addition, the stainless steel thermos bottle is designed with a leak-proof cover and vacuum insulation to enhance its insulation effect, allowing the beverage to be refrigerated for 24 hours and up to 12 hours.


Shape: expanded shape, red wine shape, beer shape

Insulation effect: vacuum insulation, keep hot and cold

Port: FOB China (Shanghai or Ningbo)

Warranty: Lifetime Warranty


High quality colored powder coated matte finish. Because we paint as much as possible on the surface of the double wall stainless steel vacuum bottle, so that the double wall stainless steel vacuum bottle is more aesthetic and attractive. In addition, the paint on the surface of the bottle is very scratch-resistant and non-toxic and tasteless.

Small caliber bottle. The bottle's small size makes it easy to use, making it easier to drink. The small diameter of the bottle mouth also prevents water from leaking out of the mouth when drinking water.

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