Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Bottle

350ml and 500ml capacity
Vacuum insulated body
Large printing area on body;

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Brief introduction

This stainless steel vacuum insulated bottle is made of food grade stainless steel, so it is environmentally friendly and has no metal odor and chemical leaching, so you can use it with confidence. In addition, in order to make the bottle more portable, we have added a handle design on the cap to enhance the portability of the bottle, so that the bottle is not only suitable for home use, but also can be used outdoors. Bottle capacities have 350ml and 500ml.

Main characteristics of product

1. A leak-proof and sealed cover. The stainless steel vacuum flask has a very good leak-proof effect because it has a leak-proof design that allows the lid to fit well with the bottle, which effectively prevents water from leaking out of the bottle. In addition, the good fit of the lid to the bottle also enhances the overall seal of the bottle.

2. Stainless steel material. The stainless steel bottle has a long service life and is very strong and will not be easily broken or lose its heat preservation effect.

3. The insulation effect is super good. We have carefully considered and designed both the cap and the bottle structure. The tight sealing cap and the double-layer vacuum structure of the bottle greatly enhance the insulation effect of the bottle.


1. Q: What is your warranty?

A: We offer different warranty times for different products. For detailed warranty terms, please contact us.

2. Q: Will you deliver the right product according to the order? How can I believe in you?

A: Yes, we will. The core of our corporate culture is honesty and credibility. Since 2004, Highper has been a gold supplier to Alibaba. If you check in to Alibaba, you will find that our customers have never received any complaints.

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