Stainless Vacuum Flask

350ml and 500ml two capacities;
350ml for kids and 500ml for adults;
SS lid with silicone handle attached on body;

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Product Details

Product Details

This stainless steel bottle has a wonderful double-layer vacuum structure and the insulation is very good. In the production of bottles, we use high-quality stainless steel materials, and the use of advanced manufacturing equipment to ensure that in the production process, the final quality of the bottle can be made. The lines of the bottle are smooth and visually comfortable, and the shape of the bottle is straight and easy to handle and carry. The bottle is equipped with a silicone handle for the convenience of the user. The slim size of the bottle makes it easy to put it in the package. And the leak-proof design of this thermos makes it the best choice for travel and sports.


Capacity: 350ml and 500ml. Child 350 ml, adult 500 ml

Handle and cover: SS cover with silicone handle attached to the body

Design: Contigo style design or custom design

Port: FOB China (Shanghai or Ningbo)

Certificate: ISO: 9001 applies to the quality management system of the factory

Main feature

The color of the bottle is very beautiful, which makes the bottle's fashion sense greatly enhanced. We have fully considered the painting of the bottle, and all the processes are completed by experienced technicians. In addition, the paint on the bottle is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and odor-free and very safe. Excellent insulation and leak-proof effects are due to the choice of materials and reasonable design. This bottle is suitable for many occasions, so it is very convenient for people to use. In terms of the capacity of the bottles, we also take into account the needs of adults and children as much as possible.

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