Vacuum Insulated Flask

18oz, 36oz and 64oz 3 capacities;
Straight body for all kinds of decoration;
PP lid with silicone band decoration;

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Product Details

Product details

This double-walled stainless steel thermos has a well-sealed lid and a portable handle design on the lid for easy access. In addition, since the flask is straight and sized, it can be placed on a bicycle stand. In addition, this high-quality thermos flask is made of stainless steel, and the surface of the flask is covered with a non-toxic coating, which is good for human health and environmental protection.


Capacity: 18 ounces, 36 ounces and 64 ounces

Shape: The flask is straight and suitable for placement in many places

Cover: PP cover with silicone belt decoration

Belt loops and buckles: PP belt loops and carabiner are available

Insulation effect: heat preservation 24H vacuum insulation

Port: FOB China (Shanghai or Ningbo)

Product characteristics

1. Double-layer stainless steel structure, durable, environmentally friendly and non-toxic. The stainless steel we use when producing flasks is food grade, free of harmful substances and environmentally friendly. In addition, the flask made of stainless steel is very durable and has a good service life.

2. Vacuum sandwich, good insulation effect. The vacuum interlayer allows the liquid to remain hot and cold in the flask for at least 24 hours.

3. The appearance is stylish and the shape is very ergonomic. In terms of design, we try to make the color of the flask rich, and also design a variety of unique patterns on the flask to enhance the aesthetics of the flask. The shape of the flask, we try our best to make it handy, and take into account the comfort and stability of the hand.

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