Stainless Vacuum Thermos

500ml capacity;
Additional pouch is optional;
Standard paint, spot paint, Camo printing is available;

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Product Details

Product description

1. This stainless vacuum thermos has a button pop-up cover and a lock design for easy use and to prevent water leakage.

2.500ml capacity is available.

3. We can provide standard coating, spot coating, color printing

Product features

1. Super portable design. This bottle has not only the button pop-up cover design, but also a strap. This kind of design is very convenient for those who like to travel, because it only needs to carry the bottle, it can be easily carried.

2. Stylish and beautiful appearance. This stainless vacuum thermos is available in a variety of colors and patterns. The coating on the bottle is scratch resistant and non-toxic. The pattern printed on the bottle is very cute and unique.

3. Good insulation performance and sealing performance. The bottle body is very thick, and the double-layer stainless steel structure greatly improves the insulation performance of the bottle. In addition, the lid of the bottle is tightly attached to the body of the bottle, and the inside is equipped with a silicone ring, which greatly improves the sealing of the stainless vacuum thermos.

Our service

Quality control

From raw material procurement to finished product shipment, strict quality inspection process. Based on our extensive experience working with customers around the world. We are working hard to bring our quality control department to all international standards.

2. After-sales service

After the goods are delivered, we will send an email to notify the customer of the logistics. One week before the goods arrive, we will remind the customer to pay attention to the delivery. After the customer receives the goods, we will contact and get feedback as soon as possible.

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