Vacuum Insulated Thermos

350ml, 1.0L and 1.5L three capacity;
Push button with pop up lid;
Locking system for accidental opening;

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The high-quality double-wall vacuum insulated stainless steel thermos has a button cover with a lock, so it has a superior leak-proof effect. In addition, this design is also very convenient to drink. This hot-selling stainless steel thermos is suitable for travel and other outdoor activities as it keeps warm for long periods of time.


Available in 350ml, 1.0L and 1.5L capacities

Design: button with pop-up cover

Locking system: accidentally open locking system

Insulation effect: vacuum insulation, heat preservation for 12 hours

Port: FOB China (Shanghai or Ningbo)


Easy to carry. This vacuum insulated thermos is very portable thanks to its good bottle design. The bottle is straight and does not take up much space.

Excellent insulation properties. The double-layer vacuum structure and the excellent sealing of the lid greatly enhance the insulation properties of the bottle.

Made of stainless steel. Made from food grade stainless steel, this vacuum insulated thermos is BPA-free and non-toxic and tasteless. In addition, the bottles made of stainless steel are extremely strong and extremely durable.

Instructions for use:

1.Clean the thermos with a neutral detergent before first use. Do not use chlorine, bleach or strong detergents.

2.Turn the lid clockwise and tighten the lid to prevent leakage. Turn the cover counterclockwise to open it.

3.Please clean the thermos bottle with water after use to avoid color precipitation.

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